Climate-controlled rooms

Syboned B.V. is the number one supplier when it comes to climate-controlled rooms.  Syboned B.V. is specialised in the design, delivery and installation of cold stores and processing areas.  Syboned B.V. also carries out many projects in which ULO storage rooms, high-care cleanrooms and proofing cabinets are built.
Thanks to a combination of high-quality materials, craftsmanship and modern techniques, Syboned is able to provide energy-efficient and sustainable climate-controlled rooms. Whether you are active in the food, pharmaceuticals, food retail or agricultural sector, a well-constructed climate-controlled room is extremely important.  You must be in a position to easily create the correct climate for your product or production process.  The Syboned B.V. team knows this all too well, and we aim to supply climate-controlled rooms which are tailored to your wishes, location and product or production process

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Cold stores - Syboned BV

Prefab cold stores - Syboned BV

ULO Storage - Syboned BV

High care cleanrooms - Syboned BV

Proofing cabinet - Syboned BV