Cold stores

Cold stores

For storing and processing your products, it is of the utmost importance that you can maintain a constant temperature in your climate-controlled room.

You will certainly notice the difference in energy consumption when you cool a climate-controlled room that has not been constructed very well.  For these reasons, it is important that you choose a reputable supplier for your climate-controlled rooms.

Because we exclusively work with high-quality products, perfectly developed specifics and professional mechanics, you can be assured of the best end result.

We primarily carry out work in the food, fruit and vegetable cultivation and storage, and food retail industries.  As a result, we are well up to date on the current HACCP regulations, and both our products and suppliers are selected with care.

Our sandwich panels are provided as a standard with PIR BS2d0. Our panels are between 40 and 220 mm thick and have on both sides 0.63 mm steel plating with a high-quality coating.  For more information about our sandwich panels, please look under the heading ‘sandwich panels’.

For the delivery of doors, we have a number of permanent suppliers who produce high-quality products.  As a result of collaborating with these manufacturers for a number of years, we are able to offer competitive prices and good delivery times. Working with our competent engineers, your end result will be perfect.  The engineers working for Syboned B.V. have electrical training, so fully automated doors are also available.