Prefab cold stores

Prefab cold stores

Syboned B.V. delivers and installs so-called prefab cold stores for various renowned cooling technology installation companies, primarily in food retail, care facilities and restaurants.  Syboned’s strength lies in its flexible attitude when preparing and carrying out projects.

The prefab cold stores are tailor-made to your specifications in the factory. As a result, the fitting time on the job site is minimal.

By means of a special tongue and groove joint, provided with a hook closure, the prefab floors, walls and ceilings are attached to each other without fastening materials.  This results in extremely speedy assembly with a high-value finish and the best thermal results.

Syboned B.V. is happy to replace your old cold stores in their entirety in order to keep construction time to a minimum.  We can disassemble the existing cold stores, dispose of them and immediately fit the new prefab stores.

In addition to the delivery of the prefab cold stores, Syboned B.V. also has a wide range of accessories such as shelving, (unfolding) entrance ways, bumpers and wall-mounted units.