ULO storage

ULO storage

ULO storage is a storage method which involves a low oxygen concentration and increased CO2 concentration.
By using this storage method in combination with a low temperature, the ripening process is slowed, and the quality of the fruit can be guaranteed for a longer period of time.

Good results using this storage method are only possible using ULO storage units which are of very high quality. Optimal storage conditions can only be achieved when the storage space is moisture proof and airtight.

The use of high-quality products in combination with perfectly planned details and experienced fitting guarantees the best end result.

Our sandwich panels are provided as a standard with PIR BS2d0, are between 40 and 220 mm thick and have on both sides 0.63 mm steel plating with a high-quality coating.  For more information about our sandwich panels, please look under the heading ‘sandwich panels’.

Our ULO doors are provided with fastenings and inflatable rubber, as a result of which the airtightness is 100% guaranteed.  You can therefore store your fruit with peace of mind.
Our ULO doors are available as horizontal, vertical or hinged doors.  As a result, Syboned B.V. is able to deliver a tailor-made door for every situation.