Hinged doors

Hinged doors

All hinged doors are specifically produced for your business. Every situation is different, and therefore nothing at Syboned B.V. is standard.

– Cold store hinged doors from + 0°C;
– Freezer cold store hinged lift doors to -40°C;
– Cold store hinged doors for ULO storage;
– Hinged doors which are fire-resistant for up to 60 minutes;
– Hinged service doors:

Our hinged doors are often used for sealing cold stores for the storage of products which are not transported using large transport means.
The hinged doors come in cold store and frozen cold store embodiments, with one or double door leaves. An airtight ULO embodiment is also available for the storage of fruit.

If the insulating properties of the hinged door are not as important, but the hinged door must be able to be kept clean easily, we also have hinged service doors on offer.
These are, for example, hinged doors for closing off changing rooms, production offices and toilets.

Our hinged doors are available with the following options.

– Quick releases;
– Toilet lock;
– Window;
– Door closers;
– Passing through of overhead conveyor;
– Completely made of stainless steel: