Sliding doors

Sliding doors

Sliding doors are produced completely according to the customer’s requirements.  On account of the fact that we are not dependent on a specific manufacturer, we are able to stock a very wide range.
The correct door can be found for every application, which satisfies all the requirements which you place on it.

– Cold store sliding doors from + 0°C;
– Cold store sliding doors for ULO storage;
– Freezer cold store sliding doors to -40°C;
– Sliding doors which are fire-resistant for up to 60 minutes;
– Sliding service doors:

Sliding doors are often used in the business world because a sliding door uses up less valuable space when it is opened. On account of the whole passageway being able to be used, the chance of damage during internal transport is kept to a minimum.

It is important that a slide door works well in order to keep the energy costs for your business to a minimum.
Of course, savings start with the correct sealing and insulation value of the door, but it is also important that the door does not open unnecessarily or simply remains open.  Using remote controls, sensors and/or pull switches, the doors can easily be operated and can be perfectly integrated into your logistical process.
All of our doors are completely free of thermal bridging, and are made of materials which are easy to clean, such as food-safe coatings or stainless steel, as a result of which they fulfil the strictest requirements of the food and pharmaceutical sectors.

It is also possible to supply sliding doors which are fire-resistant for 60 minutes with certificates.