Vertical lift doors

Vertical lift doors

All vertical lift doors are specifically produced for your business. Every situation is different, and therefore nothing at Syboned B.V. is standard.

The correct vertical lift door can be found for every application, which satisfies all the requirements which you place on it.

– Cold store vertical lift doors from + 0°C;
– Freezer cold store vertical lift doors to -40°C;
– Cold store vertical lift doors for ULO storage;
– Fire-resistant vertical lift doors:

The great advantage of vertical lift doors is that they can be fitted right next to each other on account of them opening vertically. In this way, you can provide door openings along the entire width of your store, allowing you to make maximum use of the space.
It is important that a vertical lift door works well in order to keep the energy costs for your business to a minimum.

Of course, saving energy starts with the correct sealing and insulation value of the door, but it is also important that the door does not open unnecessarily or simply remains open.  Using remote controls, sensors and pull switches, our vertical lift doors can easily be operated and can be perfectly integrated into your logistical process.

If your vertical lift door is intended for airtight sealing of your ULO store over a long period of time, then a manually operated embodiment may of course also suffice.

All of our doors are completely free of thermal bridging, and are made of materials which are easy to clean, such as food-safe coatings or stainless steel, as a result of which they fulfil the strictest requirements of the food and pharmaceutical industries.