Sandwich panels

The right panel for any job

The delivery and fitting of sandwich panels is one of Syboned’s specialities. These panels consist of 2 steel skin layers with an insulating core between them made of PIR, mineral wool or polystyrene.  Due to a tongue and groove joint, the sandwich panels fit together perfectly.

Benefits of sandwich panels

Syboned prefers the use of sandwich panels due to their many positive characteristics, which include:

– High insulation value;
– High strength and lightweight;
– Great variety of different coatings or stainless steel;
– Many different colours;
– Easy to clean;
– Completely free of thermal bridging;
– Short construction time;
– Excellent fire-resistant properties;
– Excellent soundproofing properties:

Each type of sandwich panel has its own physical and constructional properties.  You must therefore have a good idea of what the functional demands on the panel will be.  Syboned can give you top-notch advice in this regard: we have the knowledge and craftsmanship in order to not only recommend the right sandwich panel for the job, but also to ensure the delivery and correct fitting.  Please contact us for advice with no obligations

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PIR core insulation - Syboned BV

Mineral wool core - Syboned BV

Polystyrene - Syboned BV

Modular panels - Syboned BV